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A One Man RUn for
Detroit's Youth 
July 17th 2021
Start Time: 5:45 a.m. 

People tend to say that "Children are our future".    

Detroit's children and youth are that... and so much more.  

These 26.2 miles are aimed at supporting two things efforts: 

1) Increasing awareness of, and contributions to, members of Detroit's after school community; and

2) In partnership with the Fatima Plater Scholarship, raise funds for aspiring and current College of Education students at Wayne State University and Western Michigan University; 

While awareness builds knowledge, action leaves a legacy. 

Every stride of this 26.2 mile marathon is a small step aimed at growing Detroit's awareness of the organizations whose missions are tied to improving the outcomes for Detroit's children and youth through after-school and summer programs.  

Discover the organizations on this initial list of Team Kids Detroit. 

Donate time or dollars to support the work that speaks to you (When you do, use #teamkids313). 

Contribute to the Fatima Plater Scholarship to support aspiring College of Education students as they complete their studies.  This will enable the next generation of teachers for our students. 

              All Fatima Plater Scholarship donations can be made to the             Metro Riverfront Optimist Club Zelle account using or 313-570-6046.

Together Everyone Achieves More for Detroit's children and youth. 

Join #teamkids313 as we strive to expand the number of high quality opportunities available that positively impact the our kids... now and into their future. 




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Roster of Organizations


This journey has been a personal one that has stretched me in every possible way: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It took the support gained from many different sources to make this possible.  These are a few of the motivational YouTube videos I've listened to over the year. I share with the hopes their message, their words can feed you on your journey. 


Your positive energy is appreciated in this journey.  Inspirational quotes, videos, Bible verses, and general messages of support are greatly appreciated.  

Positive Energy

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